We Do Music

We work with major and independent musicians/labels in Japan and around world to provide 360 degree music support including promotion, distribution, event planning, and production internationally.
Some of our music partners and their contents are introduced in Musicgokon page (facebook).
We can produce your Music Logo. Please enjoy the sample here.
Other services include:
  • Digital distribution representation
  • Live event management (planning and execution)
  • PA: Sound coodination for live event
  • Artist booking
  • Live performance, BGM performance/accompanying
  • Rights management (copyright and/or related right)
  • Songwriting
  • Master production (music, video)
  • Creation of lyrics from one language to another
  • Lyrics translation 
  • Researching music and health
  • Website development and production
  • SNS operation
  • Any other customized topic
Client examle:
Japan Central Music,LTD. 
For details, please send your email to:
info at scaleout.tv
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