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Upcoming Oggy Live Info (4/13)

KEYWORD for 500 yen discount

Sweet Home Evanston

  • Simply say it to the live venue manager.

  • Anybody within the Kellogg community is eligible.

  • Expire: 2017/4/13

Welcome to Kellogg!

Music Performers at DAK-J (4/8)

Oggy (guitar / maybe vo), class of 2009

Kevin (bass / maybe vo), class of 2016

Founder & CEO, Scaleout Inc.

a.k.a "Entretainer"



JFYI about Scaleout - tiny bootstrap startup trying Paralell Entrepreneurship

  • Music: promotion, event planning, contents marketing, digital distribution, producing

  • Technology - AI Data Set: 

    • Trying to build a business plan for a crowdsourcing to gather data for ​machine learning, with a help of an MBA candidate at Kellogg  (Kamiyama-san, class of 2017).

  • Family Business: building management


​Here is some info about the music performers at DAK-J and introduction to their activities, including the upcoming live and the discount coupon (eligible for anybody in Kellogg community)!